News: Meet the woman who documented Israel’s most prominent contemporary author

The Jerusalem Post | Carmit Sapir Weitz | 11.11.21


Adi Arbel is the screenwriter and director of Grossman, the film examining the life and times of Israel’s most prominent contemporary author, David Grossman.

There’s one scene no one will ever see.

At one point during the editing stage of the documentary Grossman, screenwriter-director Adi Arbel, along with producers Arik Bernstein and David Silber of Alma Films, arrived at author David Grossman’s home in Mevaseret Zion and handed him and his wife a disk-on-key with footage of the film saved on it.

“Can you imagine what that’s like, after building up trust with him for two years?” Arbel asks. “David told us, ‘We want to watch it on our own. If you come back and your bags are outside, just take them and leave’”.

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