Yehoram Gaon



Like Shoshana Damari, Sheika Ophir, Yossi Banai and Arik Einstein – Yehoram also stands proudly with the crown of Israeli culture on his head, and like them his own story unfolds the story of the country – with one important difference – he is still with us.

Yehoram is a complex character, perceived by many as a heavy and serious monument, a formal Jerusalemite singer. Few know his wild youth, his reclusive nature, his sharp sense of humor or his true social and political views. One of the pillars of our culture, someone whose Israeliness is woven into his life, and he is woven into it – interviewed hundreds of times yet never faced all the really difficult questions. Now he is ready to do so, to present to viewers the liberated, unmediated, sharp, young and wild Yehoram Gaon – one we don’t know. He is shrouded in admiration and respect but practically lives alone, away from the public eye in glowing solitude.

For the first time, Yehoram Gaon, the man and not the legend, will share his story, Israel’s story, in a cinematic and intimate solo show.